I recently got hired at Best Buy in Okemos.  Which is awesome, partly because they have an excellent employee discount and partly because, oh you know, paying bills is semi-important. 

Part of the stipulation for employment over at Best Buy is that one has to take a drug test.  I call my step-mom, Kim, and tell her about after 3 interviews they hired me!  She congratulated me and asked when I started training.  I told her I first had to take a drug test and when they received the results they would call me in for orientation.  She then proceeds to ask me if I will pass the test?  And informs me that if I don't think I will pass there are products at the health food store that will yield a desired passing result.  Thanks for the advice! :)

Wednesday comes around and I wake up for my 10am drug test.  Let's just say I don't remember the last time I was up before 10am.  Scheduling my drug test first thing in the morning wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had.  I made the executive decision that peeing before I got to the clinic would result in a lack of having to go once I arrived, no matter how much liquids I consumed on the way there.  The testing facility was only about 15 minutes away from my apartment so I fought the urge and drove.  I signed in and the woman called my name.

Clinic receptionist:  Will you be able to use the bathroom?
Me: Yep!
Receptionist: Are you sure?
Me: There is no doubt in my mind.

She explained to me the procedure and cautioned me not to wash my hands or flush the toilet.  She then asked if I could make sure to fill up the cup at least to the first line.  I again assured her it would be no problem.  I could have filled up two cups!!

Lesson learned: Don't schedule a drug test first thing in the morning.  Not sure how useful this information will be to me in the future, but what the hell.

Now I just have to wait for the results!

Back when I was in college (you know, all of 2 months ago), it was much more gratifying to stay home sick.  However, now that I have absolutely nothing to do, I don't even get the pleasure of knowing I didn't have to sit through a boring lecture or lab.  At the end of a cold I was usually ready to go back to school, see friends, get back into the grind.  I'm at the end of a cold now, and all I have to look forward to is more of the same.  More sitting on the couch.  More making excuses for not going to the gym.  More watching the new fall line up that I DVR'ed. 
I could never sleep the night before any big event.  The first day of school. My birthday.  A wedding.  

I just woke up after forcing myself to sleep for another hour, because in three short hours, Meghan and I will be on our way to Colorado.

The plan is leave around 12-1pm, drive to Denver, oh you know, no big deal, just a 20 hour drive.   Then we'll stay the day in Denver and then we're off to California.  Santa Clarita actually. 

I'm really excited, because I've never really been that far West.  I went to Nebraska once when I was younger, and was in a Texas airport, but other than than, the West is a new frontier for me.  

This is honestly one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done.   Meghan's friend who was supposed to drive with her dropped out at the last minute and Meg invited me.  So, I'm leaving East Lansing for the week.  Why not?  I'm a recent graduate, no job yet; it's the first time in a while where I could actually pack my bags and go, and have no actual obligations.

Well, off to pack.

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