I could never sleep the night before any big event.  The first day of school. My birthday.  A wedding.  

I just woke up after forcing myself to sleep for another hour, because in three short hours, Meghan and I will be on our way to Colorado.

The plan is leave around 12-1pm, drive to Denver, oh you know, no big deal, just a 20 hour drive.   Then we'll stay the day in Denver and then we're off to California.  Santa Clarita actually. 

I'm really excited, because I've never really been that far West.  I went to Nebraska once when I was younger, and was in a Texas airport, but other than than, the West is a new frontier for me.  

This is honestly one of the most spontaneous things I've ever done.   Meghan's friend who was supposed to drive with her dropped out at the last minute and Meg invited me.  So, I'm leaving East Lansing for the week.  Why not?  I'm a recent graduate, no job yet; it's the first time in a while where I could actually pack my bags and go, and have no actual obligations.

Well, off to pack.

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